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Money heist season 5 release date || Grande Finale.



Money Heist Season 5 official release date

When is money Heist season 5 coming out? / Grande Finale.

After keeping their fans in suspense about when the release of the season series finally they have voiced out that money heist season 5 will be officially released finally in August 2021 in Philippines.


Money heist is also known as LACASA De PAPEL is one of the most-watched none English movies that talks about a group of friends who unite to rob a bank as it was made to believe. on the lips of every fan of this great movie has been when is the official release date of money heist season 5 grande finale



How many series of money heist are there?

The series was initially intended not to exceed 2 parts that were the initial plan. but currently, the money heist has reached 4 series. Its first original episodes were allowed to run in 15 episodes max on a Spanish network station. 3 from 2 May 2017 up till 23 November 2017.

later on, in 2017 Netflix acquired a global streaming warrant .they re-organized them into 22 shorter episodes and streamed them worldwide

  • December 2017 was the release date of the first part
  • The second part as well as on the 6th of April 2018


NetFlix, later on, commenced the renewal of the series with just a little increased new plan for a total of episodes of 16


  • 3rd serie, with approximately 8 standing episodes, was released on 19 July 2019.
  • 4th series was also having a total number of 8 episodes just like the 3rd series, and it was released on 3rd April 2020.
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later on there was a documentary about the casts and also the producers and they premiered on Netflix that same day of the movie, with the title Money Heist: The Phenomenon (Spanish: La casa de Papel: El Fenómeno).


Is Money Heist Season 5 Cancelled?

No not at all but Netflix has commenced the production of money heist season 5 that was as of July 2020. Madrid Spain was the chosen location for the filming of the 5th series. some little part of the series was as  well filmed in Thailand, Panama, and also Italy
Season 5 was supposed to be released around April towards August 2020 in the philippines, but due to the Total lockdown that occurred in the year 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was later announced that it will be on by the end of 2021 probably by August.

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Movie reviews

Check out new episodes on #Razorfist twitter



Razorfist twitter


Razorfist twitter

Razor fist twitter is an online social media groups in twitter, some folks might say they are more of a team than a group and they love comics and fictional stories with animated 2d characters. Just like our usual comic books this groups writes and create cartoon animations of some already known movies & cartoon movies on their twitter pages and profiles.

There is this strong believe I have that the name razor fist was first crafted out from the claws of wolverine I believe if you are currently in this page you have watched all series that featured wolverine  alright let’s give you some of the movies below:

X-men first class : this movie was first set in 1962 and it featured the likes of professor

Charles Xavier , Erik Lehnsherr known as magneto wolverine, storm, Gean grey, scort summers and a host of other mutants.

x-men last stand: also known as well as x-men 3 was in 2006 and featured wolverine and a host of other mutants as well

origins wolverine: This was one of the most interesting mutant movie of all time as the movie was focused mainly on the key actor wolverine from the beginning how he got married how his wife was mudered by his own senior brother. how he went through surgery to obtain his iron claws which some would call razorfist on twitter.

Logan: the movie Logan marked the era and reign of wolverine, as the makers of all the series of xmen marvel comics have come to conclusion to put an end to wolverine character in the x men movie though we don’t know what the future  holds but he died in the movie by another cloned wolverine who is stronger than the already ailing and dying original wolverine.

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incase you would like to check other fantastic movies from marvel use the link

Here are some of the embed post of razorfist twitter showing the discussions and images of some mutants :

Alright how good or bad are wolverines razorfist or lets say claws

If you are a comic lover you must have been familiar watching him tear down something strong with his claws or even climbing trees using his claws that’s how strong and good it is it only while coming out of his fingers that the only bad.

Razorfist twitter will still show show you more of his readable comic books animations that clearly shows his ferocious attacks and how wonderful that claws are.

So razorfist twiiter only emphasizes on comics related stuffz, discussions, posts, articles and things all mutually related to marvel comic, mutants and claws of wolverine which was given a new name as razor fist on twitter.

would you like to join Razorfist twitter check out more of there twitter handles and link up with the animation lovers

leave us with your comment below we would love to hear from you!!

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Check out New Scarlett johansson black widow poster



scarlett johansson black widow poster

Scarlett johansson black widow poster

scarlett johansson black widow poster is out..Black Widow just got a battlefield promotion.Three new posters for The forthcoming Marvel super hero flick”Captain America: The Winter Soldier” came out and Scarlett Johansson’s leather cat-suited Avenger easily outshines her co-stars – in terms of social media reaction.

Some backlash on Twitter within a clear boost in the designers. “Shame on the folks at @Marvel and @CaptainAmerica that felt you had to photoshop #ScarlettJohansson till she’s barely identifiable. #fail,” tweeted on observer.

that was not a good one for marvel the observer really had it with them i personally don’t even know what to say currently concerning this.

However there was an equal Amount of positive reaction the only female Avenger has a more action-packed pose inside her poster than Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury – though he does handle a trademark glare in the camera – and Chris Evan’s brooding Captain America.

The Avengers members Reunite for’Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier.’

“More importantly, She looks like she is descending from heaven as a righteous amount of vengeance, her hair wafting gently because the North Wind carries her toward whatever baddies deserve a thrashing on this specific afternoon,” wrote’s Rebecca Pahle.

The Winter Soldier,” also starring Robert Redford, Emily VanCamp and Anthony Mackie, hits theaters on April 4, 2014.

remember to check out money heist new season coming out soon

Scarlett johansson black widow poster is just a poster for the movie promotion and also black widow (aka Natasha Romanoff) shares a moment with Captain America (Chris Evans) in the Marvel film that opens April 4. (Zade Rosenthal/Marvel)

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The film has the Star-spangled super hero facing off from a figure from his past along with a shadowy conspiracy.

Not much else is known About the plot past — which is shrouded in S.H.I.E.L.D. Level 7 security Clearance secrecy — although Evans was photographed kissing Johansson for a Romantic scene filmed in Cleveland’s Tower City mall last June.

Black widow infinity war poster

Also see the black widow infinity war poster actress Natasha Romanoff marvel character known as black widow

Black widow infinity war poster

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Ashes of love review [check out 6 major cast & characters]



ashes of love review

Ashes of love review

I’m only watching Ashes Of Love in 2021 when I should have done it 2 decades back. Well, it’s better late than never… that’s if the drama is great. I will give my view if it is so in my Ashes of Love review below. To cut to the chase if you’re short of time, then I would say this drama is a little draggy. After all, it is 63 episodes . It is fairly daunting to begin and that’s the main reason why I have waited so long to dedicate some time to watch it. Even if I kind of like Allen Deng Lun, I hesitated for so long until I took the plunge. If you choose to give it a try now, I genuinely hope you will end up enjoying it!



Ashes of love characters


  • Leo Luo Yun Xi as Run Yu / Night Immortal


  • Yukee Chen Yu Qi as Liu Ying



  • also Zhong Hua as Emperor Tai Wei




  • Xia Zhi Yuan as Dan Zhu / Moon Immortal




  • Wang Yuan Ke as Lin Xiu / Wind Immortal



  • Yao Qing Ren as King Bian Cheng


The Principal Characters


Jin Mi


Jin Mi is composed As an innocent and innocent grape sprite of this Floral Realm. She leads a very carefree and sheltered life as she is disallowed to leave the realm by Chief Peony who is the pioneer. Jin Mi has a very soothing and friendly nature. Her mum is Zi Fen who had been the Flower Goddess but this fact is kept a secret from her.


Xu Feng


Xu Feng is your next Xu Feng is capable and respected but has no interest in dirty politics. He is not eager to fight for the throne despite pressure from his mother, Empress Tu Yao. Xu Feng has a half-brother in Run Yu. In addition, he enjoys Jin Mi.


Run Yu


Run Yu is the eldest Prince of the Heavenly Realm. He is a Night Immortal and his true form is a water dragon. He’s gentle and soft-spoken with a kind demeanor. Run Yu seems benign and has learned to stay in the background to avoid running foul of the Empress who’s his step-mother. In comparison to Xu Feng, he’s got a lower status being a concubine’s son but he doesn’t know who she could be. Run Yu also has feelings for Jin Mi.


Liu Ying


Liu Ying is a freak princess. Her father is King Bian Cheng, one of the demon lords. Liu Ying is an outspoken person but upright and principled. Although she can be impulsive, Liu Ying can be courageous and not afraid of breaking her enemies.


Sui He


Sui He’s a princess Her aunt is Empress Tu Yao and during her support, she could become the tribe’s leader. Sui He’s a jealous and spiteful immortal. She enjoys Xu Feng but it’s unrequited which induces her to develop hatred towards her love rival, Jin Mi.


Qi Yuan is Empress Tu Yao’s secret subordinate who does her dirty deeds. He wears a mask because he’s another individuality in his past which is Mu Ci. Qi Yuan has his own reason for working for its barbarous Empress.


Emperor Tai Wei


ruler of the Heavenly Realm. He is a dad to Run Yu and Xu Feng. Tai Wei’s true type is a fiery dragon. He’s a cute and ambitious guy who wouldn’t hesitate to resort to unethical and evil means to attain power. He rules by pitting one party against another to accomplish a balance of power that wouldn’t threaten his position.

Empress Tu Yao


Empress Tu Yao is Cruel and funny. She is Tai Wei’s wife and mum to Xu Feng. Tu Yao is also the Bird Tribe’s ruler. Her biggest desire would be for Xu Feng to succeed his father. She also loves power and extremely envious of Tai Wei’s other women. Therefore, Tu Yao will stop at nothing to eliminate rivals whom she believes are standing in her way.


Pu Chi / Yan You


Pu Chi can also be known He is a Snake Immortal along with good buddy of Jin Mi after rescuing her life from a mysterious monster named Qiong Qi. Pu Chi is a very playful immortal who likes to joke around. But beneath all of the playfulness, he can have his own agenda as the Lord of Dong Ting Lake’s foster son. Along with the Rat Immortal, he’ll carry his foster mother’s directions.


Dan Zhu / Moon Immortal


Dan Zhu is the Moon Immortal who manages love and marriages of mortal beings. He’s a youthful-looking immortal who likes matchmaking others. He is always looking for Xu Feng and Jin Mi to end up as a set. Dan Zhu is a cheerful and funny character who supplies lighthearted moments in the drama.

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Luo Lin is your Water Immortal and also an old buddy of Tai Wei. He’s a powerful immortal but wants to stay out of political affairs to lead a quiet life. Luo Lin is upright but also practical in letting go of the past despite the misgivings and injustice. He married Lin Xiu however was Zi Fen’s lover.


Lin Xiu / Wind Immortal


Lin Xiu is the Wind Immortal. Her husband is Luo Lin and the union was decreed by Tai Wei. Lin Xiu’s connection with Luo Lin is more like buddies than actual husband and wife. Therefore, they have no children of their own. Lin Xiu is kind and gentle.


Su Li is the Lord of Dong Ting Lake. She’s a princess of the Dragonfish Tribe. Su Li rescued Pu Chi if he was a child and he becomes her foster son. Su Li is obsessed with revenge but has a tragic background that pushes down her path.


Kuang Lu


Kuang Lu is the Daughter of Immortal Tai Ji and serve under Run Yu as his personal assistant. She loves him but it’s a one-sided affair. Nevertheless, Kuang Lu chooses to remain with Run Yu and unwilling to marry another.


Flower Goddess / Zi Fen


Goddess and ruler of this Floral Realm. She was a gorgeous immortal who died after giving birth to Jin Mi. Zi Fen had an unfortunate romance affair which ruined her life and desired Jin Mi to avoid the same experience.

King Bian Cheng


King Bian Cheng is one Of the Demon Lords and daddy to Liu Ying. He’s an upright demon who prefers peace over war with the Heavenly Realm. His main enemy is another Demon Lord, King Gu Cheng, that coverts the throne and wishes to substitute the current Demon Ruler, King Yan Cheng, together with himself.




Jin Mi is your girl of the Flower Goddess Zi Fen who died after giving birth to her. When she was born, Zi Fen fed her Yun Elixir which caused Jin Mi to be detached from love. She foresaw that Jin Mi would face a love trial in 10,000 years’ time and did not need her to face the same destiny as her. Zi Fen also ordered the Floral Realm Chiefs to conceal Jin Mi’s real identity so that she can develop to be carefree. Therefore, Jin Mi is raised as a grape sprite. She’s not told that she is Zi Fen’s daughter and can be restricted in the Floral Realm.


Xu Feng is the second Jin Mi saves him. Meeting Xu Feng provides her the opportunity to Escape the Floral Realm. Xu Feng brings her back to the Heavenly Realm and leaves her his reading assistant. He gradually falls in love with her. However, Jin Mi is dumb about romance and love due to this Yun Elixir. Xu Feng’s mum is also against his relationship with Jin Mi and suspicious of Run Yu whom she thinks is following the throne. This induces Xu Feng and Run Yu to have a drop out as they struggle over Jin Mi.


Ashes Of Love Ending (Spoilers Alert! ) )


Does Ashes Of Love Have a happy ending? Yes, it does and it is far from being a catastrophe. But the happy end for Xu Feng and Jin Mi only comes after 500 years. Following her death, Xu Feng continues to look for her primordial soul. It takes him 500 years until he finds her in the Mortal Realm. She’s now reborn as a shopkeeper’s daughter and to be married. Xu Feng snatches her away from her wedding procession to live happily in the Mortal Realm. You may check out my Ashes of Love play recap for more details of what happened in the end in addition to during the whole drama.


Did Jin Mi Die?


Jin Mi chooses to stop The war between the immortals and demons. She believes that if her life could save tens of thousands, then this is something that she needs to do. The warfare between Xu Feng and Run Yu also started because of her. Hence, she flies up and puts herself between Xu Feng and Run Yu since they throw their powers. It’s a suicide mission and both of their forces kill her.


After she dies, her Primordial soul is hidden in Xu Feng’s eyes. For 3 years, she gently absorbs the coldness in Xu Feng’s body which was the consequence of the tampered Reviving Elixir. She finally turns into a tear. When Xu Feng cries, Jin Mi seems for one last time from a diminished tear and then dies moments later like a rip drying up. He spends the next 500 years searching for her.



Jin Mi didn’t wed Run Yu though she agreed to a wedding when Xu Feng and Sui He’s marriage is declared. She knows that Run Yu has sacrificed a lot for her. However, Jin Mi backs out if she overhears Run Yu’s conversation with Sui He. These include tampering with the Reviving Elixir and hiding her dad’s real murderer from her and framing Xu Feng for this.

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So, who did Jin Mi Wed in the long run? Xu Feng, of course! But it isn’t a marriage that they have planned themselves. Dan Zhu, Pu Chi, and Liu Ying take advantage of a unique circumstance and force Jin Mi to become Xu Feng’s bride through a planned wedding ceremony by using the puppet curse on her. The wedding ceremony is really a plan to expose Sui He is lies. The plan is for Liu Ying to shoot Sui He is set because the bride to anger . But the unexpected arrival of Dan Zhu, Pu Chi, as well as Jin Mi results in a last minute shift which even Xu Feng is unaware of. Instead of Liu Ying, they induce Jin Mi to be the bride.


Who Killed Jin Mi’s Father?


The Actual killer of Jin Mi’s dad is Sui He. She chooses on Xu Feng’s character to kill the Earth and Water Immortals due to her deep hatred for Jin Mi. Sui He is very jealous of her because she occupies Xu Feng’s heart. Sui He is ultimate wish is to wed Xu Feng and to be together with him. Hence, she will do anything is needed to have Xu Feng.


Ultimately, Sui He is Lies are exposed. Xu Feng didn’t kill her because she’s his savior after all. However he did take back her glass fire spell that Tu Yao moved to her. Liu Ying banishes Sui He to the wasteland and forbids her from leaving the Demon Realm. Sui He eventually becomes mad and a casualty of King Yang Cheng’s crazy sons whom she once spitefully banished into a cavern.


Why Can Jin Mi Kill Xu Feng?


Because she thought he murdered her father and Aunt Lin Xiu. She’s also being manipulated by Run Yu who mended the crack in her Yun Elixir to prevent her from loving Xu Feng. Run Yu takes a gamble during their wedding ceremony to usurp the throne. His explanation is filial piety. He is avenging the death of his mom and also the extermination of her tribe. The planet spins and Jin Mi becomes perplexed. She stabs Xu Feng at the back in her confusion and kills him.

But, Xu Feng Did not die because his father uses all his powers to collect his spirit in his phoenix feather hairpin. He gives the hairpin into Sui He before he dies from the attempt. Sui He uses her powers to keep Xu Feng’s body intact. But he needs the Reviving Elixir to be resurrected which Jin Mi sacrifices much to get.


Did Run Yu End Up With Kuang Lu?


The Brief answer is no. Nothing occurred between them although Kuang Lu enjoys Run Yu and has remained with him through the good times and bad. She stays on as his weak. In the Long Run, Run Yu remains as the Emperor of the Heavenly Realm. It’s a case of he’s everything but nothing. While he repents, his lifestyle has also become vacant as he can’t have the love that he wants.


Liu Ying And Mu Ci


Their love has a Tragic ending as Mu Ci dies. With the silkworms ravaging his body, Mu Ci decides to asks Xu Feng to kill him for him with his fire spell. Nevertheless, the negative effects of this is that his body will slowly weaken and he’ll wind up just like a mortal. He would also live for 10 decades only. His passing is sped up when he’s caught by King Gu Cheng and Made to craft the Immortality Destructing Arrow to kill Xu Feng. This seriously disturbs him he dies right after marrying Liu Ying.


Liu Ying also becomes the Demon Ruler later on if Xu Feng provides up the position to really go and look for Jin Mi after her passing.

Empress Tu Yao’s Departure


After Run Yu triumphed In catching the throne, he locks up Tu Yao at Lin Yuan Terrace. It is exactly the same place that Tu Yao once forced Zi Fen to jump down from which resulted in the latter’s death later. Tu Yao ends up with much disappointment. Her husband and son have died then. Run Yu is now the Emperor. She’s lost everything. Eventually, she also jumps down from the patio. The last straw is a present from Lian Chao whom he’d promised her years before. Lian Chao and Tu Yao used to be fans. But she wed Tai Wei when Lian Chao was presumed to have expired during the war with the demons.


Ashes Of Love Review — Watchable However Draggy!


Ashes Of Love has lots Of fans worldwide and many think that it is a top rated drama. I concur that the storyline is intriguing. A female who’s incapable of love because of an elixir lodged inside her heart being fought over by two powerful immortals who are half-siblings do make a persuasive story. There is a lot of depth to the narrative apart from the typical jealousy angle. It’s also well-told unlike Enjoy Of Thousand Years which wasted a good storyline.

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Furthermore, the main Characters become the play progresses. This means they aren’t as one-dimensional to me develop as they proceed through heartaches and sour experiences. Run Yu is the most intriguing one to me though you might have your favorite Ashes Of Love character. The production team did a fantastic job to create viewers understand and sympathize with Run Yu. It is not easy to make viewers love a villain but I believe they managed to do it fairly well in this drama. You can sort of sense his pain.


Acting And Chemistry


I am fine with the Acting and chemistry of the primary leads. They did a good job with the casting. Leo Luo excels in his Run Yu role. He personifies the’still water runs deep’ kind of personality really well. He can appear kind and gentle but also quietly menacing with just his facial expression. I also enjoy his portrayal of Rong Qi in Princess Silver. Leo Luo seems to be somewhat adept at portraying this kind of tragic function.


Yang Zi will also be able to produce the ideal chemistry as a couple. Their interactions with each other stream obviously on-screen especially during their trials at the Mortal Realm. At least, I will root for them regardless of their personality flaws. I don’t have any complaints about Yang Zi’s acting although her character can be kind of annoying in the beginning. Maybe it’s a little overdone by the celebrity but I’m ready to confuse the character that she is given rather than her acting ability. In terms of Allen Deng, ” I think he lacks the shadowy side aura onscreen to be a persuasive demon. He certainly could have done a better job with it in my opinion.

I Guess the personality everybody hates the most must be Empress Tu Yao. Kathy Chow must have done a fantastic job playing that role if everybody ends up hating her! She is a veteran actress and I guess there is nothing much that she can not manage. She emits a lot of hatred and evilness by simply her glare which she typically uses for this type of role. Kathy Chow is also in Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre 2019 and also the exact same expressive glare is present there as well.


What I Don’t Like About Ashes Of Love


Having Mentioned what I like about this drama, I must also add everything I dislike about it. I don’t like that it is 63 episodes in length. It’s too long the pacing is somewhat slow for my liking occasionally. They might have easily reduced it episodes, or even more, particularly in the first half of the narrative. Jin Mi’s naivete seems to continue endlessly when they’ve made a point from the beginning that she has been the Yun Elixir. So, I can understand why some viewers find Jin Mi to become highly irritating. Perhaps the manufacturers have overstretched the fact that she’s ignorant.


The The difference is Legend Of Fuyao is more than just romance. There’s also a great deal of palace intrigues and power struggles in that play. On the other hand, most of the happenings in Ashes Of Love revolve around Jin Mi. Thus, if you prefer more sub-plots for this type of epic tales, Ashes Of Love could wind up feeling quite draggy. The story keeps getting bogged down by Jin Mi’s ignorance.


As The romance of the most important couple in Eternal Love is simpler. In Ashes Of Love, you have two immortals fighting for Jin Mi and going to war over her that is kind of on the top. Add in the fact that Jin Mi was having a affair with Xu Feng while still betrothed to Run Yu also spots the love in a manner.


My Verdict


So, Is Ashes Of Love worth seeing in the end? Well, I would still recommend it if you can put up with an extremely innocent female character for around 20 episodes or so. Some individuals like to watch critical and smart heroines like the one in Legend Of Yun Xi. You don’t find it in Jin Mi who’s more on the innocent and adorable end of the scale. But the plot itself is intriguing and unique that’s why I still suggest a wristwatch for this Ashes Of Love review.

Ashes of love Chinese drama

In General, we know ashes of love is a Chinese love drama so in a score of 10 i would give the serie a score of 7.5/10. Be Ready for it to be more draggy or Even irritated by the female character. But it picks up gradually and Jin Mi Also becomes more developed as the drama progresses. You just need to sit It till you get there! Watch it to the story and Run Yu’s transformation but Skip it if you really can’t stand naive heroines.

check wikipedia

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