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Kyla Wayans

Kyla Wayans is the youngest daughter of Damon Wayans and Lisa Thorner, her full biography should be our topic today

In as much as she was once a Hollywood movie actress, some intimate relationships, love life, can’t be neglected nor swept under the carpet. For that’s what makes the industry more interesting.

Although in reality there are few celebrities who chose not to tag family members in their celebrity lifestyle due to fear of some unknown reasons. But whether tag or not tagged it’s impossible to stay hidden forever due to the fact that it’s a celebrity family.

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Young Kyla Wayans is not an exception in this case

Kyla Wayans is the youngest daughter of Damon Wayans and Lisa Thorner

Damon Wayans and ex wife Lisa Thorner

Lady Kyla Wayans happens to be the fourth child of the famous celebrity Damon Wayans and Lisa Thorner.

She is a pretty girl born in the early 90s [1991] and she is now 30 years of age. But we do not actually know about her other credentials concerning her birth month and stuffs related.

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She never did enjoy the full care of parent s this is because her parents got separated at the age of 8

But they were officially divorced in the year 2000

How much is Kyla Wayans’s net worth?

Kyla Wayans’s net worth can’t be determined now. Though she has featured in a tv series at the young age of 9 yet it’s still not yet enough to validate her net worth. She still remains famous only because of his famous father and siblings who are still on in the game.

What is Damon Wayans sr net worth?

But we can tell you with an assurance that Damon Wayans Kyla’s father is worth a whopping sum of $35 million. So she is still surrounded by riches which give her complete access to the luxurious life of her dreams with her young daughter Emmie.Damon Wayans

 Does Kyla Wayans have siblings?

Yea the beautiful Kyla Wayans has some older siblings and they are identified as

  • Damon Wayans jr: He was named after his father
  • Michael
  • And her only sister Cara Mia


Damon junior followed his father’s footsteps as he ventures into being an actor just like his father he has successfully appeared in some movies like

  • Let’s be cops
  • How to be single
  • big hero
  • New girl

And many others

Michael Wayans

Michael Wayans Kyla’s another brother who has been short-tagged as mike. This dude has something to do with Michael Wayans and pregnant wife simmonsmovies again just like his father. He got his name mike in the Hollywood movie industry. Michael wayans is known for his composing skills and as well acting. He played a part in his father’s movie Blankman way back in 1994.mike had a daughter jean Ava Marie Wayans with his wife Vanessa Simmons in the year 2014.

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Cara Mia Wayans

Mia Cara is a sister to Kyla Wayans, Mia is a songwriter and artist, and producer. She bagged her first degree from the University of California Berkley that was in the year 2009.

In addition to her musical career, she has also featured in a television series my wife and kids and not forgetting, she launched her debut in her father’s movie “blank man”



Is Kyla Pratt Kyla Wayans?

You guessed right Kyla Wayans is still the same person as Kyla Pratt. Just a little confusion here, her fans do mistake Kyla to be a different personality different from Pratt.

But the confusion seems to be from her Instagram page where she is 30 years and another acct states 33 just go take a closer look by yourself to identify the difference.



Damon Wayans was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

The celebrity star was diagnosed with type two diabetes early in January 2013. This made him cancel all his shows at hand to attend to his health issues first.


Kyla Wayans father Damon sr is a celebrity comedian

Up to 6ix shows were dropped at buffalo in New York due to his health issues as the theater in Kansas said he won’t be able to perform.

He twitted later on his Instagram acct he said”# I am alright thanks for the love and support” which he said to his fans to make them know his health status is currently fine.


Is Kyla Wayans married or dating?

Kyla Wayans is the mother of her 7-year-old daughter Emmie. She keeps things locked up as she does not want to voice out anything concerning her relationship status.

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She is hardly seen on social media, fans and close friends will say she prefers staying indoors and spending some good quality time with family and friends. And with that, she is totally laid-off on social media. So she devotes her strength and time to raising her little girl. Father to her daughter is still unknown.


What are her hobbies?

We learned she loves shopping. Luckily as a millionaire daughter, she spends enough money on expensive wears, jewelry, shoes, and so on.

Is Kyla on social media?

We know about her father’s availability and presence on social media but she is a fellow that keeps her life simple she is possibly available on some social media platforms. yes we just verified now she is on instagram

check out stunning photos of kyla Wayans on her Instagram handle


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