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Outriders MCU [infinity war Outriders]





The infinity war outriders  story by MCU great battle of Wakanda has begun as

Voice: “you are in Wakanda now. Thanos will have nothing but dust and blood.”

outriders voice: “we… have blood to spare”

Wakanda faces the outriders a sworn enemy sent by Thanos and the black orders assault on planet Earth. The target of this mission is to recover the mind stone which has been in Wakanda.

As the great fight commences many enemy ships were sent down to Wakanda as they crashed around the force fields and on tops. The doors were opened as the outlaw alien outriders unleashed terror on Wakanda’s territory.


Wakanda faces threat from Thanos outriders a sworn enemy

With the battle for the great Wakanda getting started the Thanos outriders must carry on the black order.

Thanos outridersAs they were so furious to get past Wakanda’s force field many outriders were torn apart while forcing themselves through the energy-filled wall.

But the force field began falling apart as they struggled to gain entrance into Wakanda.

This made Wakandan’s open up a section of the field to allow them in this as they engaged them in an open battle.


The raging battle in Wakanda slowly fell into the hands of Thanos outriders as they are beginning to overpower the Earth heroes and the Wakanda army.

Soon enough Thor the god of thunder joined the battle alongside rocket Raccoon and Groot this was a great reinforcement that turned the battle around again, this time in favor of the Wakanda and the great Earth heroes.

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The battle for earth /war against the MCU outriders

The avengers tried stealing back the orb and the soul stone using the nonordinary quantum physics method they created in 2014.

Not so fast this time around Thanos outsmarted them as he made use of Pym particles and available quantum tunnel reverse engineering to transport all his armories, army [outriders], ships allies into 2023.

Thanos happened to appear at the ruins of the avenger facility with his men after he faced and battled of few avenging heroes.

actors biography:kyla-wayans/

actors biography

Hawkeye’s arrow blows up some outriders


Thanos had no intentions of stopping his attack as he was keen on finishing his mission no matter the cost. With this dream of his, he sent some new outriders after Hawkeye to retrieve the Nano Gauntlet.

Luckily Hawkeye was able to discover that there are enemies after him, he listened to pinpoint where they are coming from.

He picked up some traces behind him advancing towards him with great speed.Thanos outriders

Hawkeye fired a flare to be able to see from the facility’s dark tunnel he immediately saw some outriders coming after him.

He made haste and engaged himself in a race to outrun the outriders as he headed towards the exit with the Gauntlet.


Hawkeye’s efforts to outsmart the outriders were not enough to outrun the ferocious vicious creatures as they advanced towards him.

He then devised another means of escaping from them by planting deadly explosives throughout the tunnel.

This caused heavy explosions inside the tunnel hitting as many outriders within the reach of the explosion but that was still far from stopping an angry ugly creature like the outriders.

Heads up: the MCU designed these outriders to be cruel that’s their nature

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But eventually, they were closing upon him again because the explosions could not kill them all. He ran toward the end of the tunnel road and fired his grapple bow which he has always stuck on his wrist and moved upwards to a safe zone.


However, the outriders continued to go after Hawkeye to retrieve the infinity stones in order to complete Thanos command.

This was when he drew out his weapon and slew them as they jumped to reach him while he was moving up with his wrist bow.  He killed them all and scaled over to the next big level.

Greylord outriders

Though the battle is not yet over as Thanos and his grey lord outriders and armies are back on track overpowering the avengers.

Thanos raised all he’s killed mysteriously and the battle raged on once more in favor of Thanos and his army.

There were too many lives to be counted that lost their lives in the battle especially Thanos outriders.

After a brief struggle to obtain the Nano Gauntlet containing the infinity stones, finally Thanos has it after the avengers tried to throw it back into the quantum vortex time machine but they failed.


Thanos was ready to use it to his advantage but the iron man with his technical tricks engaged Thanos and made away with the infinity stones leaving Thanos with just an empty Gauntlet.

Thanos the second time tried erasing all life again as he snapped his fingers. But everywhere was calm nothing seemed to happen that was when he realized that the stones have been stolen.

Iron man now being the bearer of the stones snapped his fingers and restores everything back to normal but leaving Thanos and his army to face extinction as they slowly turned to dust and faded away.

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The outrider’s distinctive traits

Body colour Leather black leather yellow skin
Arms Has 4 hands or some 6 hands depending on the uniqueness
Blood color Have blood that are blue
Postures  Can walk and as well crawl .. has a unique bipedal and quadruped body posture
Heads Rough-looking head with bad-looking projections hanging all over its face.
Eyes/color I believe they move by their sense organ no trace of any eyes on its ugly looking face


Chitauri is milder to be compared to the vicious bloodthirsty intelligent outriders. The creatures follow nothing but the command from their master Thanos and their lust for blood.


We noticed at the great battle in Wakanda they think not of their selves when they landed on the territory of the Wakanda’s trying their possible best to slip in through the force field.

Even though it was tearing them all apart they had a target that must be achieved no matter the cost.


The outriders designed by MCU do not make use of sophisticated weapons but they are generically gifted with abnormal abilities which only creatures alike can possess.

This was ascertained after the failure of captain America to get rid of few outriders easily as he faced them at Wakanda.

But was easy for him to nail some host of chitauri down easily when he faced them some years back at the time they faced thor’s half-brother Loki and his army in New York.


In and out of the infinity war outriders MCU

In the storyline created by marvel studios, outriders were just creatures forged by human science whose only purpose is to finish their master’s will or die trying.

more details here

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Discover how long to beat subnautica [beat every levels fast]



how long to beat subnautica

How long to beat subnautica

How long to beat subnautica? is that your question alright that’s a good question a good game deserves to be tough not easy but to beat subnautica below zero it would take you literally 15 to 20 hours of game also depends on the player at that immediate time.

I can count on some fingers the amount of times that playing a video game has made me really terrified. But the thing about video games is that they’re often designed so you can beat them, which means that (usually) even the biggest bad guys could be crushed with sufficient time and energy.

However, there are a number of games in which the most threatening enemies can’t be defeated. All you can do is expect to avoid them. Subnautica is one of these games (even though it’s also much more, which I’ll explain below). though its a great game i still enjoy it together with mini militia but it depends on my mood but still yet subnautica shakes my brain nerves in a great way.

Subnautica is certainly not a scary game, but it’s moments of pure adrenaline and dread that have already terrified me multiple times. The atmosphere in the game is incredible, and its design has kept me coming back many times. I really like when video games break away from genre tropes and make something truly unique. Throughout its detailed setting and intimate commitment to engaging gameplay, Subnautica cements itself as one of those rare games.

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how long to beat subnautica

What Subnautica is and how you play it

First, a quick description. The boat is beyond repair, so in a few minutes of enjoying you realize that long-term survival on the planet is your only hope of living. And over 90 percent of the survival will occur underwater.

There isn’t much exposition — the entire opening of the game does not take long at all — so you are dropped to the world fairly quickly. There is a list of items to find and craft, and the further you find the more opens up fairly quickly. It’s also worth noting that Subnautica is not procedurally-generated. You can find dangerous, terrifying areas to find, but they’re intentionally mapped quite far from where you begin.

The inner workings of the game involve swimming to ever-greater depths to find resources and materials. With these in hand, you can construct an underwater foundation, pipe in breathable atmosphere from the surface, and even construct underwater vehicles. The entire world is hard and inhospitable, but before long you are able to make it much more inviting.


Why I like Subnautica

Swimming through the waves and investigating the world have been one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I’ve had in forever. Most of the planet is bright and colorful, and the diverse topography of the sea floor retains the gameplay from getting too repetitive. There is a sense of wonder that is so enthralling, and even though I’ve played for several hours I don’t feel like I have come anywhere near discovering even half of what is out there.

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I bought Subnautica because it was available and because I needed something to scratch the itch that Outer Wilds left me with a couple of months ago. but now my problem is how long to beat subnautica.
The games are different in several ways: Outer Wilds relies purely on narrative, is considerably shorter, and really is a sport about exploring in space. However, the themes of exploration, looking for answers, and navigating incredible worlds are present in every title.

There’s a story in Subnautica, and what I’ve found of it so far has been pretty interesting. But, it is clearly complementary to the survival experience instead of the sole objective like it is in Outer Wilds. I have to wait for new message to come to my wireless before I can progress much further, giving me lots of time to operate on my base and find materials for vehicles. When that following message comes, however, I’ll be prepared.

However, what I keep coming back to in Subnautica is the feeling of wonder I get by swimming through its world. The plant and sea life is so diverse, so amazing, that it’s easy to see how much work went into its design. And because progression has been so well designed, I’m rarely wondering what I need to construct next or where I should be researching. You can do everything at your own rate, however, the game is pretty generous with tips and ideas. though i enjoyed some other games like mortal kombat after math

And the minutes of pure terror are thrilling in ways no other sport can fit (at least for me). I don’t play horror games often, so I’m used to levels where the greatest bad men will eventually be conquered. And in fact, that is a pretty unrealistic setting for a science fiction survival match.

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Here, you will find underwater animals called”leviathan course predators” I simply can not do anything from. I am able to avoid them by staying more shallow waters, but I need to go deeper to find everything and progress the story. While I see one in the space, it reminds me how little and weak my character is. No other game has done that for me personally.


remember asking me a question how long to beat subnautica? yea that was your question now we believe u got your answer if not leave with us a coment below so we can attend to your questions more proper.

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Discover how to unlock [Death stranding weapons] instantly



Death stranding weapons

Death stranding weapons


Are there actually any Death Stranding weapons? That is a Question you’re most likely to be asking after a number of hours of nothing but walking with nary a gun in sight. If you’re feeling slightly underpowered then don’t worry as offensive options are becoming available, however you’ll want to advance a great 10-15 hours to the effort prior to getting your hands on anything with a trigger.

Even then, the Death Stranding battle you’ll be engaged in is normally non-lethal till you hit around 25-30 hours in. You may finally have a completely equipped arsenal to shoot things in Death Stranding with though, so just try to be patient until then.


I will keep this spoiler free and just cover the bare Minimum of what you get and where you get, so don’t worry about that.we also have all the whole full death stranding equipment list here that will cover all you will need to find inside the game coupled with weapons. But, here’re all about the firepower. Be warned though, even when you do get these Death Stranding weapons, do not expect to begin popping shots off this side of 20-30 hours and even then battle is a sparsely encountered experience.


*Most of those death stranding weapons have been unlocked from specific personalities, Which means you will need to do some deliveries to allow them to get them.

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Death Stranding hints | Death Stranding fast travel | Every Death Stranding Preppers, gear and upgrades


Blood bags



Speedy note before we look at Death Stranding firearms: because Everything you’ll use against BTs uses Sam’s blood in its ammo you’ll want to make sure you’ve got loads of blood luggage on you. Without them, weapons will draw blood out of Sam straight and that doesn’t last long.


Hematic Grenade


Passing stranding hemetic grenades

hematic grenades



Unlocked at Capital Knot City


These are the first death stranding weapons you can unlock Although you can just use them from BTs. They utilize Sam’s blood to destroy smaller BTS using an immediate strike, and put on down the larger ones with numerous strikes.


Bola gun


death stranding bola

Death stranding weapons



Unlocked from the Craftsman


You will unlock this not long after you reach the Central Region. It is a non-lethal gun which ties up the human Mules you experience. It is not a permanent solution though so remember to kick them before they struggle free. A later upgrade makes it work on BTs too.


Anti-BT handgun


Death stranding anti-bt gun

anti bt hand

Unlocked from the Chiral Artist


The anti-BT handgun is Just What It sounds like it kills BTs. It fires Sam’s blood thus keep in mind those blood bags, and do not forget to charge it up entirely to get a 1 shot kill. It’s slow to fire will require a BT down in one go so it’s a powerful instrument used correctly. More deliveries to the Chiral Artist will unlock an upgraded version but it’s as good as you need it to be at level one.

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hand gun

Unlocked in South Knot City


You unlock your first real real gun at a certain stage in The game where you need to use it. But because people become BTs when they die it is not recommended that you use outside of that specified point. Upgrading it for more deliveries will unlock an anti-BT update which is a handy book for when the ammo in more useful weapons operate out.


Assault Rifle




Passing stranding assault rifle


Unlocked in South Knot City


You’ll get the assault rifle alongside the handgun, again at A particular point in the game. And, once more, it is best to not use it then.



grenade and rocket launcher

Unlocked in South Knot City


As well as the handgun and assault rifle you’ll also get a grenade. Again, it’s not advisable to use this out of the situation it is provided for due to the whole’dead’ people make BTs’ thing, but it’s wonderful to have .


Non-lethal assault rifle


Unlocked at Waystation North of Mountain Knot City


Now you can begin shooting men and women. The non-lethal assault Gun fires rubber bullets so no dead folks to worry about but, otherwise, it is functionally the same as an actual gun. This means you can finally begin taking out Mules in a far more satisfying way. There is an anti-BT option as well at level 2, which you can get by making deliveries to the Distribution Center North of Mountain Knot City.

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prior to this game also view your point on the new mortal kombat aftermath

Shotgun / Riot Shotgun


shot gun


death stranding weapons @shotgun




For some reason you will unlock both of them in the Photographer you have to visit during the narrative. The first is deadly, therefore best avoided out of certain situations, while the second is just another rubber bullet job so nice to use everywhere.




Again you will unlock these at a very specific point in the game Where their use will be obvious. But, You May Also unlock variants and Upgrades by delivering into the Evo-devo Biologist because scientist seemingly Enjoy high impact ordnance in Death Stranding .


remember death stranding weapons are not an easy to go weapons handling it with care would go a long way to help you in the game. also remember that you can always play this game in your ps4/ps5/xbox and also available in some pc


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Resident Evil  8 release date game [PC release date, Trailer]



Resident Evil  8 release date @studiomax

Resident Evil  8 release date

Capcom the makers of the Resident Evil game series have finally opened up stating when the coming out of Resident Evil 8 will or perhaps when the resident evil village will be released and according to the maker’s the 7th of May 2021 is the release date. This statement was made by capcom at the ps5 reveal center.


According to the rumors, it appears like the makers of the resident evil series capcom are making much more efforts in the series which is to still make them one among the best within the scope.

Capcom seems to still love the role of Ethan winters as the resident evil village will still feature Ethan winters the central character after the fight that happened at the baker’s house is currently now living with his lovely wife mia whom he rescued.

We are sorry Ethan to disturb your lovely moment with your wife lolz…. But the time is ripe once again for Ethan to go seize his moments in action. As Chris Redfield, the umbrella agent immediately appears on the scene.

Biohazard received a lot of reviews concerning the switch to the first-person horror. After unsettling and claustrophobic scenes. And then finally bringing back our series to survival horror.


what direction will Resident Evil Village be heading in?

resident evil village prior to where they are headed, they are heading into introducing some new scenes, I believe there will be some new characters to spice up the new series with a lot of new upgrades for the game to enjoy his gameplay.


Resident evil village pc release date

The release date of the resident evil village for your pc is 7th May 2021. This date is the same as the same date with other consoles like ps4 and ps5.


Resident Evil 8 trailer

Watch the resident evil 8 trailer below, to get a more in-depth view of what the game will be like explore the trailer and get more insight.

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Resident evil village gamer play

The resident Evil village gameplay is a survival horror first person game, Kellen Haney the capcom co-associate and manager of their social media online community said in a tweet  in the PlayStation  blog

“The return of a first-person perspective will bring a visceral edge to combat, as well. Each encounter is a personal fight for survival against terrifying foes, forcing you to keep a watchful eye on the environment and constantly looking for resources and enemies in unknown territory.”


Does Resident Evil 8 take place after 7?


Resident evil 8 village will also feature  “a lot more freedom” more than the previous resident evil 7 this takes place after 7 have been surpassed by resident evil 8.

Now what this means is that during the time of gameplay it is always hard to understand, but if eventually, you have been finding the linear approach of resident evil 7 clustered then this is a time to celebrate.

This time there will be a “great focus on combat” so you should be expecting more action coupled with an intense “resident evil inventory” management tool. This will help players to be resource-mindful.

While speaking about resources you can relate to how the weapons upgrades work in the resident evil village if you have played.


Resident evil village recipe ingredients

Then adding to the folks that live in Lady D’s village, there are hosts of farm animals moving around the village even fishes swimming inside the ponds which the player can hunt in the game and also use animals such as rams, pigs, and so on to make a recipe.

The player only has to shoot the animals and use their meat for food after being cooked in the duke’s kitchen this serves for permanent upgrades. To reduce the damage while you are guarding use four poultry and one meat just like a “bird and beast” to make a pilaf

To upgrade your weapons you can make use of lei. Lei is known as the game’s official currency this can be done at the duke’s emporium. To get lei to kill any of the enemies moving around the village or by going to the dukes to sell valuable contents like germ to get your lei.

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You can equally upgrade your weapon buy new weapons upgrade it firepower reload and also ammo capacity and you can also buy some attachments for your weapons


Resident evil village setting

The setting of the Resident Evil village was set inside a strange village. Not like the cramped corridors of the baker mansion in the previous resident evil 7. The anxiety of what is not known yet with Decrepit buildings in the snowy covered trees was used to replace the fear of the dark in the resident evil came with towering castles with fog all over the place making it hard to see afar.

The resident evil village has werewolves this is a little change that was done, unlike the past ones. The past series has the likes of daddy baker and Mr x which are scary but believe me werewolves are faster.

Resident Evil village story

Now concerning the village story of resident evil. According to the trailer, we believe that the resident evil village has its opening phase with Ethan and his wife Mia as they were having a cozy established life after they have escaped from the baker’s mansion.

There is some unreal view of a woman with black hair it looks like mia as she was reading stories to her young child. But however, Chris Redfield shows up at the end of the trailer. And with the view, it looks like Ethan and Mia’s house and shot dead a woman right in front of a distressed Ethan.

Ethan’s world all of a sudden crumbles to the dust again as Chris Redfield makes an unpleasant appearance. Causing an unexpected event that leaves the confused Ethan looking for answers about Chris’s shocking actions..

According to the trailer resident evil village had an opening story that came to a close signifying that one of the two opposition might be Ethan or Chris will not be able to make it out of that creepy village alive.

If Chris just showed up from nowhere and ended mia’s life then resident evil village might turn to be a vengeance story. Except Redfield could come up with a very good reason on why he ended Mia’s life and ruining ethans peace.

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More new trailers of the series have given us more details about the setting of the game. By introducing to the whole world the giant antagonist. In which the woman happens to be Lady Dumitrescu, a cross line between the Japanese known hashakaku –sama previous ghost story and also Adams mortician, who makes a stand at the giant height of 9ft  6ix inches. Imagine how tall she is that she bends in the doorways to avoid hitting her head on the door top.

Ethan continues to explore dimitrescu’s mansion as she and her vampire clan will hold him through tight well-decorated corridors. There were some nasty gross flies that erupted through the hand of Ethan. It was really gross…


The lady was seen having a phone conversation with her mum as she is referred to as “mother Miranda” she was talking to her mother concerning Ethan how he was able to escape from the hands of some fellow like Heisenberg and she said a thing concerning a ceremony.

She also said that Ethan met with her brother, but it is still not yet clear if she was talking of Heisenberg or jack backer that appeared in the previous Resident Evil 7 biohazards.



This looks pretty much like resident evil 3 remake of last year. But this resident evil village will be getting a complete multiplayer game to spice it up. And this one here is tagged resident evil Re:Verse, and it supports the 3rd person shooter which is more like the 2 previous remakes. And also added is a comic book like cell-shaded

Characters form the previous resident evil games is also playable and can even turn themselves into monsters just like nemesis a tyrant or even jack backer but sorry to say this at this time there is no version of resident evil Re:Verse for your pc currently although ps4 and Xbox only a player will get to enjoy for about 3 days.

So far so good you can remember that the release date of resident evil 8 is on the 7th of may 2021 so keep that in mind. You can also get back to us to be updated


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