Anita Joseph Criticizes 2baba’s Justification of Men’s Infidelity towards Women

By: Smax / May 20th, 2023 / 5 views

Anita Joseph has answered to the justification provided by renowned singer Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2baba, regarding men’s infidelity.

As results by Kemi Filani, 2baba disclosed the secret behind why many men cheat on their house Wife during an episode of the popular South African reality show “Young, Famous and African.”

According to talented Nigeria singer which is known as 2face his statement, a man can love his partner and still engage in infidelity due to his sexual cravings. The singer explained in details that during such moments, his thoughts would be focused on satisfying his own desires rather than considering his love for the woman.

A man could love a woman to hell. Hundred percent. His dick would just decide and conclude with something else. But he won’t ever give a fuck about that person. He just wants to sort out that shit.

In response to this, Nollywood actress Anita Joseph raised the question of whether 2baba was indirectly conveying to Annie that he would continue cheating on her.

She added, Smh naaaa Mba nu. Kaiii shalom.

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