Daddy Freeze defends 2baba’s declaration on infidelity, pronouncing it is not unusual for an African guy to have multiple spouse

By: Smax / May 20th, 2023 / 7 views

Media character Daddy Freeze has come to the defense of singer 2baba concerning his remarks on the reasons why many men cheat. Throughout an Instagram stay consultation, the outspoken media personality expressed his view that monogamy is not an entitlement for girls, as it isn’t taken into consideration everyday for African guys to have just one spouse.

Daddy Freeze shared personal anecdotes, mentioning that his grandfather had 4 better halves and his father has other halves, illustrating the superiority of polygamy in his family.

To guide his argument, Daddy Freeze additionally referenced biblical examples of men who engaged in infidelity, together with David, Abraham, Solomon, and others.

He similarly asserted that the influence of feminism and political correctness, as we try to normalize Western values, is adverse to African society.

Political correctness and feminism wouldn’t kill us. My grandfather had 4 better halves, my father has better halves. How do u tell me it’s everyday for guys to be monogamous?

we attempt to normalize Western Values and no longer all Western values adapt to us. I tell people that i’m monogamous, however it’s now not everyday.

Monogamous isn’t your entitlement as a female, it’s far the paintings you get,

It is not everyday for an African guy to have one spouse.

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