Did you touch my drumset [step brothers]

Did you touch my drumset?

Dale Doback: did you touch my drumset?

Brennan huff: in disagreement (Brennan nods his head)

Brennan huff: Nope.. He added

Dale doback: it just looks weird, because I feel someone did touch my drumset.

Brennan Huff: well, that is weird because I really did  not touch your drum set

Dale doback: ( Brennans feet was thrown off the couch by Dale)

Brennan Huff: Hey!

Dale Doback: (furious) I said did you touch my drum set he asked again?

Brennan Huff: hey listen knock it off already!

Dale Doback: yea I know u did touch my drum stick because the left one has a chip in it

Brennan huff: are really f*cking crazy man? You sound so insane. Have you realized that you should be medicated?

Dale Doback: F*ck you Brennan! I really know you touched my drumset, and I really want to hear your dirty little mouth admit to it.

Brannan huff: get out of my face now, or am gonna roundhouse your ass.

Dale Doback: you swear on your mum’s life that you didn’t touch it then?

Brennan Huff: I really don’t have to swear shit!

Dale Doback: that’s true because you touched my drumset! Because I know cops do not start till 4:00!

Brennan huff: (Brennan starts to leave the room)

Dale Doback: where are you going now?

Brennan Huff: I am going upstairs…….. Because I am not going to put my nut stack on your drumset! Okay?

As Brennan continues to walk upstairs towards his drumset

Dale Doback: if you do that.. Am warning you, right now! If you dare touch my drums I will stab you in the neck with a knife.

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Nancy huff: [Brennan and Dale are sleeping; Nancy walks into  wake them up]

Guys guys she shouted!!

Brennan huff: both guys work up the same time with their last rhymes on their lips “I’ll kill you, Leonard Nimoy.

Dale Doback: the clown has no p*nis.

Nancy huff: what kind of dreams are you guys having just now? Hey, listen it’s 12:30. Brennan, your brother will be coming today, so you might want to get up.

Brennan huff: huh today?

Nancy Huff: yep

Brennan huff: sh*t.

Dale Doback: hey what’s your problem?

Brennan, my little brother is even way bigger ass h*le than you are.

10 good solid years have passed by but yet the lovely comedy-drama from stepbrothers still feels new every single moment you see the movie. Many folks out there renamed the movie title to “ Did you touch my drumset”  the storyline was all about some middle-aged men that could not do anything but rely on their parents and the 2 characters were known as will Ferrell and also John c. well they made each and every one of us out there who have seen the movie laugh out loud. From the beginning until the end this great funny comedy series was filled with the funniest words you can document for future purposes.

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