“Don’t be pressured into financing a woman you’re romancing” – Reno Omkri advises men

Nigerian human right activist and lawyer, Reno Omokri has advised single men against giving their girlfriends money.


Reno who is popular for his nuggets on social media noted that it’s not a boyfriend’s duty to take up his girlfriend’s financial responsibilities but her father’s duty.

According to him, it’s unwise for a man to allow himself be pressured into financing a woman he’s not married to only because he’s an amorous relationship with her.

Taking to Twitter to share his two cent, he wrote,

“Dear men, When a woman you date tells you she needs money, listen calmly without interrupting, then respond thus, ‘I am sorry, but it seems you mistake me for your father’. Don’t be pressured into financing a woman you are romancing. It is nice. It is not wise”.

This is coming after Reno averred that men who send “urgent 2k” to girls using iPhone 12 are unwise.

Reno described ladies with sophisticated phones and are in the habit of asking young guys for financial assistance are ‘marketers’ and only trying to take advantage of the guys.

He noted that any man who falls for their trap thinking he’s special to them is a fool.

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