Driver’s License – How To Get New or Renew Old Driver’s License Online

How To Get New or Renew Old Driver’s License Online

Studiomax will like to  show you How To Get New or Renew Old Driver’s License Online

If you have not been to driving school yet, go to it immediately. A list of accredited driving schools is provided on the Driving License website (

Apply for a Nigeria Driver’s Online license

Below are some steps you can take to get your driver’s license.

– First, log in to the Nigerian driver’s license website here to get started.

– When the website is open, you will see many options to choose from. Ignore everything and click on DL Application.

– After clicking on the DL Application, three options will appear below it; New driver’s license, driver’s license renewal, and driver’s license renewal.

– If you want to get a new driver’s license, click on New Driver’s License and a page will be issued to verify your Driving School Certificate Number.

– When this page opens, all you have to do is type in your certificate number directly in the ‘Test Certificate Number’ box and click on ‘Verify’.

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– Once you have confirmed your driving license, you will be required to complete an application form. This is where you will fill in your bio data and other requirements.

– After this, you will need to select the FRSC office where you have to go so that your photo can be photographed and complete the application. When doing this, make sure the office is very close to you to reduce stress.

– Check what you did and click on SUBMIT after you are done.

– A new page will appear with all your data so you can update it. This page will also include the ID number of your driver’s license application. Make sure you keep it safe because this is the number you will use for all activities related to your driver’s license.

– Click on PRINT to make a copy of your data.

– After you do this, you will have to pay. All you have to do is click on the Pay Now option and select “Keep Paying”.

– You will be taken to the pay4me website where you will complete your payment.

– After payment, simply proceed to visit the FRSC office of your choice above to have your photo taken and complete the registration.

How to Renew Your Nigerian Driving License Online

We’ll take you through the process of renewing your driver’s license.

See below.

– First, get your existing driver’s license number to start the process.

– After this, go to the Nigerian driver’s license website as you did when you got the new one, but in this case, instead of clicking on the new driver’s license option on the ‘DL Application’ tab, simply go to ‘Driver’s License Renewal’ and select it and wait for it to load.

– A page will open to ask for your driver’s license number and date of birth. Fill in the blanks.

– Click the SEARCH button to proceed with your request. A new dialog box will appear, Click OK and wait

– After this, a new page with details of your driver’s license will appear. Review it carefully and make any updates if any.

– Once you have done this, proceed to select the FRSC office you will go to so that your photo can be ‘photographed’. Make sure it is very close to you.

– After this, click on the SUBMIT option and a new page will appear. Keep updating this new page that comes with your data.

– Click the PRINT option to make your own copy. Don’t forget to record your license application ID number in a safe place.

– After you have done this, simply click on the PAY option NOW and wait.

– A new page will appear where you will click on ‘Proceed To Pay’ after you have exceeded the amount you have been paid to pay.

– After this, you will be redirected to the pay4me website to complete your payment.

– Once you have paid, just proceed to visit the FRSC office you have chosen to have your photo taken and complete your application.

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