How To Watch Free DSTV Live Channels On Android

How To Watch Free DSTV Live Channels On Android

How can I get free DSTV channels on my phone?

Supersport, Nollywood, Africa Magic, Cartoon Network, Bein, Telemundo, Televista, Aljazeera, Trybe, ONMAX, BBC, and many more are among the 10,000+ live channels available to entertain people globally. Other queries that sport/football fans have are, for example,

  • how to access DSTV Supersport channels on Android.
  • On Android, how do I view Bein Sports channels?
  • How can I watch BT Sports on my Android device?
  • Also, how can I watch Nollywood films on Android?
  • How can I see African magic on my phone?

Note that with this tip, you are not restricted to DSTV channels alone; you may watch additional premium cable TV channels for free and have access to an infinite number of TV stations. You can also establish profiles for quick access, so if you’re looking for a way to watch free DSTV live channels, you’ve come to the correct spot. You may also view movies, such as Netflix premium movies, Amazon prime videos, and many more, for complete amusement. You no longer have to pay a large DSTV membership cost merely to view their channels; now you may do it for free on your mobile device.

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Even before I picked up a pen to write about how to watch free DSTV live channels on Android, I knew that the majority of individuals who would visit this page would be there for Supersport channels and Nollywood movie fans. Though sports fans will be the ones seeking the most, I advise you to take a seat and read this message all the way through.

For most people, especially those in Africa, Europe, and other English-speaking nations, watching the Premier League or other sports leagues in Arabic or other languages is a pain in the neck. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With Supersport and even the renowned Bein Sports in English, you can watch your favorite sports channels in English.

Before diving into the guide, we’d like to introduce you to the app we’ll be using. While there are many other applications in the app store that do similar duties, we chose this one because of its smoothness and compatibility with most Android versions. The app in issue is called “StbEmu Pro.” There is a similar one called JoshDstv and another called IPTV Stalker that you may use as well, but I am confident you will prefer the StbEmu due of its speed and lightweight.

You may view home videos (VOD), soap operas, sports, music videos, live events, movies, pornographic videos, and much more from nations such as the United Kingdom, the United States, China, India, South Africa, Spain, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, and many more with this StbEmu pro app.


  • Access to all Dstv bouquets is unlimited (Channels).
  • Low data usage with HD streams and well-compressed streaming.
  • There is no requirement for a subscription (Free Lifetime streaming).
  • There are no advertisements (Premium).
  • All countries were in favor.
  • All TV stations and channels have been unlocked.
  • EPG Subtitles are available.
  • On Android 7+, PIP mode is available.
  • Password protection is also available.
  • Multiplayer mode (support live Dstv channels, TV series, movies etc.)


Please carefully follow these methods to watch DSTV and other cable subscription TVs for free on your smartphone.

To begin, go to the URL and download and install the StbEmu (pro) software.

Launch the app and tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen; if you don’t see any menus, simply click and drag down the screen.

Now we must establish a profile. To do so, go to “Settings,” then “Profiles,” then “ADD PROFILE.”

Put “FreeeDSTV” in your Profile Name and save it by clicking “OK.”

Enter the portal URL mentioned below and click OK to preserve it, e.g.

Now hit the back button once again and choose “STB configuration,” then “MAC-address” and type in any of the MAC addresses mentioned below, for example 00:1A:79:70:38:36.

Close the app and relaunch it, then pick the three dots like we did at the start, then click on “Profile,” you should see a selection of profiles, then choose the one we just established, “FreeDSTV.”

Wait for a loading bar to appear on the screen after selecting the profile name; this might take up to one minute, so be patient while it loads all of the channels.

You’ll see a list of channels once it loads; use the “UP” and “DOWN” buttons to browse to your chosen channel, then click “OK” to choose it.

Finally, your chosen station should start playing, and you can see it on a larger screen by pressing “Ok” again. You can have many profiles; all you have to do is choose which one you want to use and wait for the channels to load. => To watch movies, go to the first loaded page and click the “RIGHT” or “LEFT” button to see what else is available, including movies and other media.

Why Use This Trick?

There is information you may need to access immediately and you are not at home to lock behind your TV screen, with this trick, provided you have your android phone with you, distance is never a barrier any longer.

Also, for sports lovers, you may need to watch a match and you are having issues with your power supply, with enough data and charges on your phone, you should be able to stream the match live.

This and many other reasons was why we publish this content. Take note, it is for educational purpose only.


You can deploy this trick to watch any channel of your choice, no boring moment any longer. If your normal DSTV plan expires at home, provided you still have data on your mobile phones, then you should not be scared of getting bore, deploy this trick. If you have any information or questions, kindly drop via the comment section.

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