How do you turn on bluetooth on windows 10

These days, most mobile devices come with Bluetooth. If you have a modern Windows 10 laptop, it has Bluetooth. If you have a desktop PC, it may or may not have Bluetooth built in, but you can always add if you want. If you think you have Bluetooth access to your system, here’s how to turn it on and off.

Enables Bluetooth on Windows 10

To connect the device to your computer, you need to make sure Bluetooth is enabled. To do this, open your Settings app by tapping Win + I and clicking the “Devices” section.

On the Devices page, select the “Bluetooth and other devices” tab on the left. On the right, make sure Bluetooth switch to “On.”

Alternatively, you can turn on and off Bluetooth immediately by turning on the Action Center (hit Win + A or click the Action Center icon on the system tray). Here you can enable Bluetooth from the Quick Action panel. The placement of the Bluetooth icon may vary depending on the system, depending on how things are set up.

Pairing Bluetooth Device

Now that Bluetooth is on, keep unlocking the device you want to pair and enter in pairing mode or recovery mode.

On your PC, this device must appear in the list of other devices in the settings window. Click on the device and then click the “Pair” button.

Depending on the type of device you are connecting, a verification window may appear on both devices, asking if you want to pair the device. Here I was connecting my phone to my PC and this window appeared, preventing just anyone from connecting to your computer. Verify the PIN is the same and click the “Yes” button.

Pairing an invisible device by default

If for some reason your device does not appear below, click the “Add Bluetooth or another device” button located at the top of the settings window.

Next, select the type of device you want to connect.

In the list of available devices, select the one you want to connect.

This should get you through the same pairing process we discussed in the previous section.

You Are Using Your Bluetooth Device To Send and Receive Files
Now that your device is connected to your PC you can start using the wireless connection you have set up now. Most importantly, this should be the default. If you have connected a Bluetooth headphone, for example, Windows should immediately recognize them as a playback tool.

If you have connected a phone or device with the ability to send and receive files, you can activate the Bluetooth File Transfer function on the Bluetooth settings page. Scroll down and click the “Send or receive files via Bluetooth” link.

In the Bluetooth file transfer window, select whether you want to send or receive files and follow the instructions.

Some Illustrations below:


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