How to be successful at work meetings via video conference

How to be successful at work meetings via video conference

Those who were not in the habit of making video calls had to get used to this new way of meeting at work and with family members.

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Beware of call quality.

Is your internet meeting your needs well, or could it be better? Is the signal consistent throughout the house, or is a wireless signal repeater needed to improve the connection?

The internet speed directly affects the video quality you receive and transmit. Frozen images, stuck audio, or call transmission failure are consequences of bad signal, both you and the person speaking to you.

So plan to hire a good internet package and make sure the signal is strong throughout the house. The cat’s jump here can be the use of a good signal repeater; as suggested earlier, see which model is right for you and avoid network failures when changing rooms.


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Pay attention to the environment and the camera.

If you live with more people, avoid staying in a place with high circulation in the house. Moving in the background of your image can blur the conversation, and inconvenient situations can happen.

But think about it, it’s no use being in a suitable environment if your camera has low resolution. If that’s the case, you see other people clearly as they receive your slightly blurry or pixilated image. So, even if your computer has a built-in camera, get a webcam to help you on this mission.


Also, think about camera placement to, once again, avoid distractions. Avoid placing it upside down or sideways to your face.

The camera positioned in front of you, preferably at eye level, allows you to see your screen, the people on the call and puts you at an ideal angle for conversations, making the dialogue feel closer or more real; after all, we value eye to eye, don’t we?

Hi, are you listening to me? 

Who has never heard or said that phrase? Let the first stone be cast! So let’s get to the point: get a quality microphone. The perfect environment, the right lighting, camera with good resolution, super-fast internet… All this won’t be worth anything if you don’t have a good audio capture. So, be sure to invest in this item!

The 2 in 1 tip here is Bluetooth headsets. In addition to being wireless accessories, headsets allow you to get excellent audio quality and capture what you say very well. Some models feature a noise-canceling function, a technology that dampens outside noise, allowing you to focus on your meetings or activities more carefully.

How is your notebook?

A machine with slow processing also compromises call quality. So, check the state of your computer, use a proper antivirus and, of course, original, to do a recurrent cleaning, and observe its settings; sometimes, it will be necessary to do a storage upgrade.

Have everything at hand 

It’s natural to feel thirsty or want to have a good coffee during a call. So make sure that everything you need, including notepads or other materials, is at your fingertips, so you don’t have to miss the call, take your colleagues on a tour of your house while you go to the kitchen to get your coffee, or ask someone to pick up something for you. All of this is distracting and can interfere with meeting productivity.

We can – and should – be flexible during this video calling process. Understandably, unforeseen events happen, but we must do what we can to avoid them. Get ready, get organized, and good work!

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