How to Block Ads on Twitch in 2021

How to Block Ads on Twitch in 2021


Hey!!! You know how it feels when you feel bored and decides to switch on your data, head over to Twitch to see some movies, and boom, those annoying ads begin to pop up here and there!!! That’s annoying, I guess!

But after reading this, you will surely know how to block ads on Twitch in 2021 at a click using different methods.

In this article, we have tackled how to block ads on twitch mobile, on twitch desktop, on twitch Chrome browser, on twitch Firefox browser, and many more.

Note; there are different methods of disabling ads on twitch and one method may work for you while the other may not. So check the best method that works for you below and use it.

Why are There so Many Ads on Twitch Now?

One of the most annoying experience when using Twitch is the encounter with so many unwanted ads that pops up here and there!!

The reason Twitch has so many ads is that the website accepts advertisements from advertisers and uses its platform to display those ads to its users.

It’s not a bad idea that twitch shows ads on its platform because it uses the ads to generate revenue for its videos creators and to finance the website itself. But the annoying part is how they make it so many and unattractive.

Is it illegal to Block Ads on Twitch?

According to the information from twitch, twitch uses the ads it displays to generate revenue that will be used to finance the website so that it will remain a free video streaming platform.

Meanwhile, twitch does not prohibit users from blocking ads if they don’t want to see them.

In the next steps below, you will see the simple process of disabling those ads to save your data and enjoy free and smooth streaming.

How to Block Ads on Twitch Mobile/Android

To block ads on Twitch mobile, you have to install a suitable ad blocker app that will handle the job.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to use AdGuard to block ads on Twitch Android in just a few steps.

1st step: Installation

Firstly, you have to go to your Google play store and search “AdGuard”.

Now click on the app and follow the same procedure you use to install other apps to install it.

2nd Step: Integration

In this step, you have to choose and install a suitable browser that is compatible with AdGuard.

3rd Step: Enabling Access

In the third step, you have to navigate to AdGuard “Settings” column.

Now, locate the ‘AdGuard Content Blocker’ and click on the “Enable” to enable the AdGuard Content Blockers.

4th Step: Blocking Ads

Now, click on the three horizontal lines, and click on “filters”. Now check the new page that will open. From there, you’ll see options like;

  1. AdGuard Social Media filter
  2. AdGuard Annoyances filter
  3. Filter unblocking Search Ads and self-promotion

You can tick any of the options you wish to. You can also tick all the options.

How to Block Ads on Twitch Desktop Using AdBlock

Similarly, you can use AdBlock to disable ads on Twitch Desktop, other widescreen devices, and even mobile devices.

The best thing about AdBlock is that it can block ads both on twitch and other video streaming websites.

Also, users can also choose to allow twitch ads to show on selected or their favorite channels.

Below are the steps to disable twitch ads on a desktop using Chrome browser. In this method, we are going to use AdBlock;

  • Launch your Chrome browser.
  • Navigate to Chrome Web Store.
  • Scroll through or enter ‘AdBlock’ in the search area to find it.
  • Now, click it to select it and click “Add to Chrome” to add it to your Chrome browser
  • Or you can simply visit the AdBlockwebsite @ to add it to your browser
  • To use AdBlock to block ads, click the icon at the right of the address bar
  • Tap on a random stream and an advertisement will pop up.
  • Now, immediately the ads pop up, click on “Block element
  • Finally, click on any video and you will no longer see ads.

How to Disable Ads on Twitch on Firefox

The simple process of getting rid of ads on Twitch 2021 on Firefox browser is as follows;

  • Launch your Firefox browser.
  • From the browser, visit the AdBlockwebsite @
  • Now, click on the Firefox browser icon.
  • Now, click on “Get AdBlock for Firefox”
  • Wait for it to complete the installation. browser
  • To use AdBlock to block ads, click the icon at the right of the address bar
  • Tap on a random stream and an advertisement will pop up.
  • Now, immediately the ads pop up, click on “Block element
  • Finally, click on any video and you will no longer see ads.

How Do I Skip Ads on Twitch 2021?

Instead of blocking ads on twitch or if you’re unable to block ads on twitch, you can consider the skip ads option.

When you get a purple screen with the Twitch logo it simply means that the ads are actively being skipped.

At that point, press F5 or the refresh button to load the video instantly without showing any ads.

Why does my AdBlock not work on Twitch?

For those using AdBlock to disable ads on twitch, sometimes you may encounter issues like still seeing ads after enabling the AdBlock.

Some of the reasons that AdBlock may not work on/disable ads on twitch might be because of using an outdated version of AdBlock.

If you are using an outdated version of the AdBlock, then you may not achieve your desired result because the AdBlock might have compatibility issues with your browser.

Secondly, the AdBlock may not be able to block ads if clashes with another extension on your browser.

Apparently, we believe you have known how to block ads on Twitch in 2021 on twitch mobile, twitch desktop, twitch Chrome browser, and twitch Firefox browser using different methods.

If this information was helpful to you, then kindly share it with others, and also feel free to drop your comment, questions, and recommendations via the comment section.

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