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How To Extend Mtn Data Plan Expiry Date

Studiomax will like to give you a trick on how To Extend Mtn Data Plan Expiry Date . This may not be a trick for some of us because we already know, but for those who see this for the first time, it will be one.

This may not be a trick for some of us because we already know, but for those who see this for the first time, it will be one. For Mtn users this will be one of its kind to those who are familiar with the way Nigeria Networks sucks data.

For those who often get to find themselves doing the 2 days data subscription plan of N500 for 2.5GB may find this post very tricky but helpful.
Without further delay,  We’ve got you covered with mtn data plan roll over which implies whenever your data plan expires and you have not finished the data bundle you can now roll the data over and still gain access to make use of the data quite awesome right?

How to extend MTN Bonus Data expiry date

We shall be using the MTN 2days data subscription plan as a case study! This trick is tested and confirmed, all you need to do is just follow through the steps.


The first step is to Dial *131# and press 1 to subscribe to MTN N500 for 2GB or you can subscribe via MyMTNApp to get 2.5gig. This data subscription plan is valid for 2 days (48hrs)

Now you have successfully subscribed to the 2 days data plan, start browsing and don’t bother about the expiring date.

Once the 1st day has passed and the second day reaches, yet you still have over 1GB data left and it expires, immediately you will stop browsing and to confirm dial *131*4# and you should get a message like Your data balance: Unused weekly: 432.79MB expires 14/04/2020 Bonus: 4MB expires 01/05/2020 18:48:56

Extend MTN Data expiry date

Don’t panic, to extend the validity period, simply subscribe to a day plan of N50 for 25mb. Extend MTN Data expiry date MTN N50 for 25MB Activation of 25MB Daily Plan was successful. Bundle renews on 12/04/2020 22:41:48. To opt out of auto-renewal, text NO114 to 131. Text 2 to 131 for balance.


How to subscribe to MTN N50 for 25MB

  • Simply dial USSD *131#
  • Press 1 (data plans)
  • Press 1 (daily plans)
  • Now select option 1 ( N50 for 25mb)
Now after subscribing to the daily data play of N50 for 25mb, simply dial *131*4# to check data balance and validity period. You will observe the expiry date has been extended to another 24hrs and all unused data will be rolled over.

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