How to Move Apps to SD Card on Android

If you have a phone with an Android app, you may notice that there are built-in apps and apps that you can download to your system. However, the time will come when your phone’s internal memory will be full.

You may need to download some apps, but you can’t easily transfer that to your SD card, unlike photos, videos, and other media items. There is a process you must follow before learning further; make sure you buy a good SD card with memory space to send your apps to your Android.

Steps to transfer apps to SD card on Android

Step 1: First, go to settings and click on Storage and USB.

Step 2: Then click on the SD Card, which is currently categorized as portable memory storage. This means you can only use it to store media files such as photos, music, videos, and other files that are not listed as applications.

Step 3: Once you have clicked on the SD card, press the top right or left corner to move your phone to those three straight dots.

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Step 4: When you click on those dots, click on Settings, and format them as internal. Just be careful because if you format the SD card and it contains files, all those files will be deleted.

Step 5: When it comes to formatting, wait for it to finish. Do not turn off the phone, and to be sure, do nothing. Formatting can be faster or slower, depending on the quality of your phone and your application.

Step 6: Once the format is complete, it will ask you if you want to transfer any applications. You have no choice yet because we will teach you the steps to go.

Step 7: Now, go back to settings and open the internal storage option. Then select App Storage Storage and select the ones you want to move applications to the SD card on Android.

Step 8: Click on the app, and there is an option where you can change the storage. Click on it again and transfer it to the SD card. Finally, wait for the transfer to complete, and it will be done immediately.

The conclusion
Those are great steps when you want to move apps to SD card on Android. There are a few things to consider. One thing is that not all applications can be transferred like those built into the phone. You also need to remember the memory space on the SD card if there is still plenty of application space you want to transfer.

Once your SD card is turned on internal storage, you can rely on other methods to collect applications such as Bluetooth and to control USB wire connections. Also, you don’t have to worry about app crashes when saved to SD card.

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