Lady unknowingly helps her boyfriend shop for his wedding to another woman; she helped him pick his wedding shoes

In what can be said to be another version of premium breakfasts being served this season, a lady has narrated how a friend of hers unknowingly helped her boyfriend shop for his wedding… to another woman.

The lady who gave the narrative of Twitter revealed that her friend wouldn’t have guessed that her boyfriend was planning a wedding because of how he was always physically present in her life.

The said boyfriend gave the lady a spare key to his house and when she calls him before going to his house, he’s always exasperated over the gesture because the symbolism of her having a spare key is she can go to his place whenever she wants without having to announce it.

The spare key, him always stopping by at her place when he’s back from work and seeing her almost all of the time, is the main reason why the lady will be unsuspecting of his motive but on one fateful weekend when she didn’t see him, she asked jokingly if he was getting married and his response was “something like that“.

The lady’s friend, Abeni on Twitter, gave the narrative as thus,

They served my babe breakfast this week.
Oloshi dey do wedding, he no talk anything.
They’ve see each other literally everyday since November.
She asked as a joke cos she didn’t see him over the weekend, ‘what’s up you getting married?’
He say ‘something like that’


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