“Marriage never start, e don end” – Reactions as groom abandons his wife to dance with a guest at their wedding reception

The moment a groom stood up from his sit by his new bride to dance seductively with another woman on his wedding day has stirred up a lot of reactions on social media.

In a video that’s now serving rounds on social media, a lady is seen walking towards the newly wed couple and right in front of the groom, she starts twerking and only but seconds later, the groom is seen standing up, leaving his bride on her seat, and grinding the lady who flashed her derriere in front of him.

Other guests, possibly the groom’s friends are seen cheering him up while others watch the moment that has been dubbed as disrespectful and uncalled for.

Watch the video as you scroll,


(Video courtesy of IB9JA)

The video certainly caused a stir online with a number of people having a thing or two to say about it… here are some reactions,

doctor_e31 wrote, If disrespect was a person, it’s him

kelechik wrote, sigh. How is this even right. Very very disrespectful.

mhiz_ami_bugatti wrote, This is disrespectful as fuck

foodie_that_cooks wrote, Marriage never start e don end

chyo982 wrote, Am so embarrassed on behalf of the bride… May we not marry a man that ll disrespect us privately and publicly

website__mobileapp__developer wrote, This is not cool. Respect your wife.

beyondstyle_collections wrote, Some women will know a man doesn’t respect,yet they will go ahead & marry him

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