Moment a groom cried profusely as his bride walked down the aisle at their wedding

A  trending video on social media captures the moment a groom broke down in tears as his bride was walking down the aisle on their wedding day.

In the trending clip shared online by the bride, identified as @ebonie_nealy, on Instagram, the groom couldn’t contain his emotions when she was being led to the altar by her father and started crying profusely.

The groom’s face was wet with tears as he watched the love of his life walking down the aisle towards him. He attempted to wipe off the tears with his hands but stopped and allowed the tears flow freely.

Watch the emotional video below,

The video has gotten people talking online, as netizens share their thoughts on the waterworks turned on by the groom.

While some asserted that the display of emotion was beautiful, others criticized the groom for being too emotional.

See some reactions below,

@nuela_merit wrote, “If my husband does this nonsense I am going back home. What a drama Queen”

A Twitter user with handle @stgorzhye wrote,

“I can understand women crying, but why man go dey cry for wedding?😒
The only valid reason to cry like this is if you spent a fortune just for a wedding or you’re sure that you’ve married nonsense and you can’t change it. If not not this cry is nonsense.”

@ab_chikaire wrote, “The day I cry like this for a woman is the day I stop breathing.”

@ogasodje wrote, “if i attend a wedding, and see the groom crying, i’ll stand up and leave. cos na mumu man. and i no dey follow mumu men do anything”

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