Nigerian man in the US arrested for killing his bestfriend of 30 years over unpaid debt


A 38-year-old abroad-based Nigerian man, Bolanle Fadairo, has been arrested by the police in Houston, Texas for allegedly killing his fellow Nigerian and friend of 30 years, Michael Essien, and leaving the victim’s two-year-old son, Micah, to die in a hot car.

An argument is said to have ensued between the Fadairo and the deceased over an unpaid debt.

Fadairo is accused of shooting Essien to death after an argument outside a strip center in the 5500 block of El Camino Del Rey and Chimney Rock on Tuesday, September 20. Investigators say Fadairo admitted that he had known Essien for about 30 years and even used the victim’s home address to receive mail.

“(Fadairo) stated the argument started from (Essien) owing him money,” court documents Read

According to the police, Essien and Fadairo had a meeting on the day of the incident during which there was a disagreement between the two men, which resulted in Fadairo killing Essien and fleeing the scene in Essien’s SUV while the deceased’s 2-year-old son was still strapped into a car seat.

The victim’s wife alerted authorities that her husband and son were missing about five hours later. She was able to offer details about her husband’s car, which helped the police locate it roughly a mile from the scene of the incident.

Charging documents said the car was locked, and the windows were rolled up as outdoor temperatures reached 93 degrees. The cause of the boy’s death has yet to be ascertained, but it is believed that he died from heat exhaustion.

Essien’s sister, Jessie Okon, revealed that the deceased shared two other children with his wife: a 5-year-old son and a 1-week-old baby.

“Michael never argued with anybody. Michael would take his shirt off and give to others. He gives his last dime to other people. All I need is my brother”, she said



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