“The men that have been asking to marry me don’t look like the one my pastor prophesied” – Lady cries out


The men that have been asking to marry me

A single Nigerian lady who was given a vision of her future husband’s appearance is in a dilemma as none of her suitors matches the man from the prophecy.

According to the lady, her pastor had given a description of her future spouse as revealed to him by God.

However, all the men that have been approaching her for marriage bear no resemblance to the man her pastor described.

She acknowledged that all the men who have been approaching her to ask for her hand in marriage appear sincere and responsible, but her only concern is that they don’t match the prophecy given to her.

The confused woman has now taken to social media to seek advice on whether to accept one of her many suitors or keep waiting for the prophecy to be fulfilled.

“My pastor prophesied how my future husband looks like and what he does but all the men coming my way do not match the prophesy that was given to me and they are all serious and ready for marriage. Please I want to know. Should I choose one of them or wait for the prophesy to come through I am confused”, she wrote.

See her post below,

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