Things You Should Consider Before Buying A New Laptop In Nigeria 2021

Things You Should Consider Before Buying A New Laptop In Nigeria 2021

Do you want to buy a laptop in Nigeria by 2021? There are certain Laptop features that you should see before buying. The top features you can see before buying a Laptop in Nigeria are battery life, storage space, RAM size, Processor speed, Brand, operating system and physical features such as color, keyboard light, design, 360 conversion, weight and more.

It has been found that there are many factors that determine whether you choose a laptop. These range from your preferences, the function of the Laptop, the advanced features and your budget. Let’s take a look at the top ten things to consider before ordering a new laptop for the year 2021:

1. General Performance

Before you scroll down to see the most expensive and cheap laptops you can buy in Nigeria by 2021, it is very important to complete the work that needs to be done on your laptop. You need a laptop that goes a long way in determining your Laptop type. Your Laptop performance should be able to meet your standard laptop requirement. Buying a New Laptop in Nigeria

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For example, a 2GB RAM laptop is ideal if you only buy a Laptop movie, read and log on to the Net. But it is wrong to buy a heavy laptop for video editing. Some software has limited system requirements.

For example, when it comes to screen resolution, Adobe Dreamweaver requires 1080 pixels and above. Gaming Software run more smoothly when your laptop has a dedicated video graphics. You therefore need to go for a laptop with a dedicated graphics card.

Finally, check to see if it is possible to use the laptop in other programs as time goes on. For example, the reason I got my first laptop was for Reading School PDF, HTML and CSS Programming. In time, I got into programming, Deep Learning, ETAP, video editing and graphic design. Laptop could not handle tasks at all. I had to get a new Laptop. When I got the new Laptop, I made sure it was able to do all the work I could do in the next three years.

You may want to ask, what Laptop are you currently using? I am using an Intel Core i7, High-Performance Quad-Core (HQ), 16GB RAM and 15.6 inches Apple MacBook Pro.

2.Laptop Size

The second thing to consider before buying a laptop in 2021 is size and design. You need to decide if you want to use a laptop with a large screen, a portable laptop or a small laptop. Typical laptop sizes are 13 inches, 13.3 inches, 14 inches, 15.0 inches, 15.6 inches, 16 inches, Mini Laptops and 17 inches.

15.6 INCHES LAPTOPS: This is the standard size of a laptop. Most students, good cyber restaurants and business centers use a 15.6 inches Laptop. Buying a New Laptop in Nigeria

13.3 INCHES LAPTOP: Some people are not fans of Laptops with a big screen. They want a portable laptop. Since they want a portable laptop, they don’t want a very small laptop (Mini Laptop) either, so they stay on a 13.3 inches laptop.

MINI LAPTOPS: As the name implies, they come in smaller sizes: smaller, compact and heavier. What is the screen size of a laptop? Small laptops show 10.1 inches. You will find small laptops with a screen size of 11.6 inches.

17.0 INCHES LAPTOP: These are the largest Laptops. 17.0 inches (PC) computers or laptops designed for Gamers require a much larger display and boldness. A good example is HP OMEN 17.

While focusing on display size, also focus on display resolution. The height of the resolution or pixel, the more details you see on the screen. Laptops with high resolution have a very good display. For example, if you look at this page on different laptops, it will be clearer and better for other laptops. This is a function of the Display Time and Decision. Personally, I like laptops with a resolution of 1080p or higher. DELL XPS has the best Display (4k Screen Resolution) on any Laptop.

3. RAM Size

The full meaning of RAM is Random Access memory. RAM is a type of storage, however, it is different from ROM or Hard Disk in the sense that it is not for permanent storage (to be explained later).

How RAM is Used in A Laptop

When you open software in your Laptop, e.g MS Word, Corel Draw, iMovie, they are all using RAM so long the programs are still running. The more you open apps, the more RAM Space is being used up. This is why your Laptop runs slower or hangs when you are doing many stuffs with it.

The Solution is to get a laptop with a bigger RAM. You can also close the programs you are not using at the moment to free up RAM space. As for RAM Size, I won’t recommend any Laptop below 4GB RAM in 2020 irrespective of what you need it for.

Dedicated Graphics Card

Dedicated graphics card (also called video card) is a piece of hardware used to manage laptop graphics performance. The most common graphics card is Nvidia Geforce. If in any way Nividia is mentioned in the laptop aspect, it is a guarantee that the laptop is using a dedicated graphics card.

Most laptops do not have dedicated graphics. Laptops with dedicated graphics are usually expensive but the good news is that you probably don’t need them. The main reason people get a GPU dedicated to gaming, serious image editing, heavy video editing or complex programming and artificial intelligence requires a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). You do not need a dedicated GPU for video viewing, email management, word processing, or any MS Office application.

A dedicated GPU, or alternatively, has its own independent video memory source, leaving the RAM system you use untouched. For example, If you have an 8GB RAM PC with a GeForce GTX 680M video card with 2GB of video memory, that memory is completely different from your computer’s 8GB memory system.

Integrated Graphics Card

Integrated graphics refer to the graphics system on the motherboard itself. It may have its own CPU but not its RAM; shares its RAM with the RAM system.

So, if you have a computer with 4GB of RAM, the video card can use anywhere between one (1%) and five percent (5%) of the available memory for graphics processing. Of course, this percentage varies depending on the size of the task being performed. The benefit of an integrated graphics is that it is cheaper, which in turn means a less expensive computer.

Can A Laptop Have Both Integrate And Dedicated Graphics Card?

Every laptop has a Graphics Card. Some Laptops Come with Integrated Graphics Card while others come with Dedicated Graphics. However, it is possible for a Laptop to have both integrated and Dedicated Graphics Together.

4. Storage Type And Storage Sizes (HDD Vs SSD)

Many persons recognize Storage as a just hard disk. Hence the question, what is the hard disk size of your Laptop? Now, Storage in laptops are either HDD or SSD. The full meaning of HDD is Hard Disk Drive while SSD Stands for Solid State Drive.

HDD and SSD are both for permanent storage, just that SSDs are faster and more reliable than HDD. Speed and Reliability make Laptops with SSD more expensive to buy than those with HDD (Other specifications being equal).

Permanent Vs Temporary Storage

Permanent storage means storing of files permanently. When you download or someone sends you pictures, music, videos, pdf files and Applications, they are stored in your HDD or SSD permanently.

Your movies do not delete when you restart your laptop (Permanent Storage), however, the programs you are running before the laptop shuts down would close when you restart (Temporal Storage).

Recommended Storage Size For A Laptop

If you collect large movies or play games, storage space should be your number feature in a Laptop. The lowest Hard Disk size you should go for is 500 GB HDD. Since SSD Laptops are more expensive, you can start from 256GB SSD.

5. Processor Types And Clock Speed

Processor for Laptop could be Intel or AMD. They are both okay, however, I recommended intel processors. Intel Processors are generally better than AMD. Now, Intel processors for laptops range from:

  • Intel Pentium
  • Intel Celerium
  • Intel Core 2 Duos
  • Intel Core i3
  • Intel Core i5
  • Intel Core i7
  • Intel Core i9


Intel Core i9 is the highest and the most recent intel Processor, followed by core i7, core i5 and so on. Similarly, Core i9 laptops are generally more expensive than core i7 laptops and so on. I don’t recommend that you buy any laptop less than intel core i3 unless you are on a very tight budget.

Generation of Processors

Each of the Processors has Generation. When going through a laptop processor feature, you will see something like 6th generation intel core i7, 8th generation intel core i5 and so on. The higher the generation, the newer the processor. For example, 8th generation intel core i3 is more recent than 7th generation intel core i3. There is always improvement made to each generation. We are currently in the 10th generation of Laptop Processors. Hence, something like 10th generation intel core i9.

Processor Speed

Processor Speed is how fast a processor is. The speed of the processor is measured in Gigahertz (GHz). E.g 1.6Ghz, 1.8Ghz, 2.5Ghz etc. New generation laptops have variable speed. This feature is called Turbo Boost. The speed of an 8th generation core i7 range from 1.8Ghz to 4Ghz if the task you are performing requires more speed. Also, note that processor speed is also referred to as clock speed.


Core is the “Brain” of the Processor. Processors can have one core (single-core) or more than one core (dual-core, quad-core, etc). The more the cores, the better the multitasking ability of the Computer.

6. Battery Life

Battery life is very important. We all know the electricity situation in this part of the world. It thus becomes a surprise if battery life is not your priority. A normal laptop should last up to 4 hours even under heavy use.

While looking for a laptop that lasts very long, check if performance was sacrificed for speed. A low-performance laptop will naturally have long battery life. The most common type of battery is lithium iron.

7. Laptop Brand

For many persons, the brand is not a problem. They can buy a Laptop made by any company. For some, it must be HP Laptop or DELL, others want Apple laptops, ASUS, Lenovo, etc.

You don’t need to bother which brand of laptop to buy in Nigeria. I have used a good HP Laptop. I have used a nice Dell Laptop. I have used a good Apple Laptop and I have used a nice ASUS Laptop. It is not really the brand that matters but the laptop specification. However, I will recommend HP, DELL or an Apple Laptop.

An Apple Laptop could be Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. The difference between MacBook Pro and Apple Macbook Air is that MacBook Pro are for heavy use and are usually expensive while the MacBook air are ligher, slimmer, cheaper and not meant for very demanding tasks.

8. Operating System (OS)

Operating System is whether the Laptop is running on Windows, Linux or Mac. Apple Laptops run on Mac Operating system (macOS) while HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Asus and other laptops run on Windows. The latest Windows is Windows 10.

The good news is that you can easily update your Laptop from windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. You can also freely update your mac OS from El Capitan, Yosemite, Mojave, etc to the most recent Mas OS Catalina. Another good news is that you can run Windows on any Apple MacBook Laptop.


Laptops these days do not come with CD ROM or DVD Drive. This is to make the laptops lighter and slimmer. This implies that you can not insert a DVD Plate into your Laptop directly. However, you can use flash drives to copy files and install any software of your choice. You can as well buy external CD Rom.

On the other hand, if you totally hate the idea of a laptop not having its own CD Drive, then look out for this feature before buying a laptop this year.


CD Drive

10. Other Features You Like

Apart from the Laptop features listed above, there are certain laptop specifications that may appeal to you as an individual. They may be minor or major, but make sure you go for them. Nothing boosts confidence like having a laptop that can meet all your need.

Other Features you Like Could Be:

  • Keyboard list
  • Toucscreen
  • Powerful Speakers
  • Keyboard Layout
  • Laptop Color
  • Brand Logo
  • Add your own…

How Much Do You Have For A Laptop?

This is the amount you are willing to spend on a Laptop. Before you fall in love with any Laptop, ask yourself, is my money enough to buy this Laptop?

Don’t worry if you don’t have much money. Whether it is Seventy Thousand Naira (#70,000) you have, Hundred Thousand Naira (#100,000), Two hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000) or Two Million Naira (N2,000,000), there is a good Laptop for you on this list. Remember, what is not in your pocket should not be in your budget.

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