How to block youtube on chromebook

How to block youtube on chromebook. From blocking disruptive gaming websites to hiding adult-targeted content, there are many reasons you may want to learn to block websites on the Chromebook.

If you are a Chromebook user, be aware that this computer is running the Chrome browser. If you already know how to navigate to Chrome to block websites, you’re set up.

If you are new to the Chromebook family, or do not have the technical knowledge to translate the final sentence, this guide is for you!

How to block YouTube in Chromebook

An extension is used to block YouTube

Extension is something you can add to your Google Chrome web launcher. Extensions have different functions and what we want is an extension that will block websites like YouTube.

Step 1
Go to Chrome Webstore where you can download the extensions because you probably don’t have them yet to block websites.

Step 2
Now that you’re on the site, type the words BLOCK WEBSITES, WEBSITE BLOCKER, or other similar names. After that you’ll see lots of extensions that you can download and install on your Chromebook.

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Step 3
If you look at the picture, the results are on the right. You can look at various extensions. There may be something you want to use.

Step 4
Click on your favorite Site Blocker and click Apply on Chrome. Just wait for the download and installation to complete and your blockchain extension is ready to go.

Step 5
Click on extensions and see all the extensions you have in your Chrome launcher.

Step 6
Depending on the extension you upload, it will be easier to navigate. Just type the Youtube home page at and any link below that will be completely blocked. Just open the site where you want your child to access Youtube again and if you do not want to block Youtube in Chromebook yet.

How do I limit access to Google Chrome browser?

We actually have a full tutorial here on how to block websites in the Chrome web browser. Like our instructions here, you will need an extension to successfully block websites.

I have followed all the above steps but my child can still access the websites. What else can I do?
Once you have completed all of the above options, but your child still exceeds your parental controls, there is another option. Depending on the router you have, you can completely block the URL of their Chromebook. Navigate to your router settings and see if there is an option to block the domain.

If you are not sure if your router provides this protection check the manufacturer’s website.


There are other parental control options in Chromebooks including Mobocip but they are not free. Depending on the level of lock you need, you may want to check the paid app option. Mobocip, for example, offers comprehensive monitoring and locking functions for items such as video streaming, social media content, and more.

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